We Collaborate with Prospective Clients, and Educate Them On Coverages, So Decisions Are Never Based on Price. We Want Our Clients To Understand and Participate In the Process


Over 90 years Of 1 Family Ownership creates a Team Focus difficult to match. Our Leaders each bring over 30 years of wisdom to preserve client assets.


Client Creativity is Our Cornerstone. In 1971, we invented the world’s first Chartered Tanker No-Fault Pollution Coverage; in 1973, the first U. S. Trade Association Insurance Program for IOMA, now NEFI; in 1990, SIGMA’s first national Trade Association Insurance Program. Our 2010 “Beacon Plan” fixes all “2009 International Residential Building Code” Personal Insurance Problems.

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Sullivan Risk Management Group


To help us establish  a relationship with you so , just submit your contact details and the  areas you would like to discuss in this form, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

For Businesses: If you have Business Questions simply indicate “Business” on the form and we will reach out quickly.  As a Private Business Owner, we recommend  you combine your Personal insurance information with your Commercial Inquiries.

Rarely known today, a huge claim in the Owner’s business can involve both The Business Owner’s commercial insurance and personal insurance and wreak havoc on The Business Owner’s assets unless a Wise Insurance Broker has immunized the Business Owner.  Solving complex problems is our specialty.


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