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For more than 90 years our experience has benefited our clients.
In 1927 we were founded under the name Herbert A. Sullivan, Inc. in Worcester, Massachusetts.

In 1937 we designed the first insurance and risk management program for Table Talk Pastry Company, which became the world’s largest pie manufacturer and managed Table Talk’s Insurance/Risk Management for the next 31 years.

In 1944 we designed the first insurance and risk management program for Northeast Petroleum Industries, which became the largest independent petroleum marketer in the East, and managed Northeast’s Insurance/Risk Management needs for the next 34 years..

In response to The EPA, in 1971 we designed the world’s first charterer’s liability insurance to include U.S. no- fault pollution liability to U.S. $14.4 million with the P & I Club, Gard, for charterer’s of tankers and barges hauling petroleum anywhere in the world.

In 1973 we designed and managed the first U.S. insurance program for an independent petroleum marketer trade association with our program for the Independent Oil Men’s Association of New England, now NEFI. We managed this program for the next decade. We then created The first Insurance Program for the New Jersey Fuel Merchants Association, in 1976 and retained that for a decade.

In 1973 we designed the first insurance and risk management program for Global Petroleum Corp, which became the largest independent petroleum marketer in the East. Then we managed Global’s insurance and risk management needs for the next 32 years.

In 1990 we designed the first insurance and risk management program for the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA), headquartered in Washington, D.C., whose 250 members sell over 30% of the motor fuel sold in North America. We enjoy SIGMA’s support to this day.

In 2010 we created our “Personal Wealth Risk Management Program,” “The Beacon Plan,” as a personal insurance solution for clients determined to preserve their assets, and an ideal platform for wealthy clients. Our “Beacon Plan” provides liability limits to $100 Million, or more, and insulates clients from huge law suits.

Our property, collections, watercraft, auto and collector car coverages are the best in the industry.

Today our CEO and President, John Herbert Sullivan, the second generation owner of the firm, continues the legacy.

John received his A.B. in English Literature from the University of Notre Dame, received his Doctor of Laws from Boston College Law School, and finished 4th in his Massachusetts bar examination.

In 1985 John was elected an Underwriting Member of Lloyd’s, London, and uses this outreach to good advantage in the London insurance market place.

John is fortunate to enjoy the collaboration of Sr. Vice President, Carol A Eustis, on the leadership team. Carol has brilliantly managed every aspect of Sullivan Risk Management Group during her over 30 year career with the firm. Carol is an expert in researching needed information to provide underwriting terms that benefits our clients. Carol is famous for her attention to the needs of clients and her ability to make them very happy with her results. Her extensive Underwriting Relationships arise from an in depth knowledge of the Property Casualty Insurance Industry, from Lloyd’s throughout the U. S. These skills greatly benefit our clients and cause Carol to be an Integral Part of Sullivan Risk Management Group. Carol received her distinguished B.A. Degree from the University of Virginia.