Personal Wealth Risk Management

Our Focus

Our Personal Insurance Preserves the Assets of our Clients.   We never sell insurance based on price:  We Sell Wealth Risk Management.  However, We Are Experts At Reducing  Costs. 

We Offer Every Kind of Personal Insurance Sold In The Industry: Homeowner, Condominium , Renters,  Quake, Flood, and Wind on Coastal Properties, Auto, Motorcycles, Collections, Collector Car, Umbrella To Limits of $100 Million, Yacht and Boat for every type of vessel, Private Air Craft.  

Our Insurance Companies are Famous for Paying Claims Fairly and Promptly, and Provide The Coverage to Rebuild Homes After Massive Damage.     

We Educate our Personal Clients about the Dramatic Changes To The Personal Insurance Industry since 2009, and Demonstrate Our  “Beacon Plan” Solution.   

Our “Beacon Plan”  “Personal Wealth Risk Management Program” is  Attached. 

Dear Sir or Madam:

Your personal insurance program should be tailored to fit your lifestyle. We only write customized policies, we listen to you, and we bring “think tank risk management” to identify your needs and guarantee you the best insurance program available.

Do you ever think about your insurance policies?

• Will your liability insurance pay all legal fees and judgments you stand liable for, no matter how large the suit against you, or are you personally exposed to potential bankruptcy because your insurance is inadequate?

• Would your homeowner policy pay to rebuild your home after a significant covered loss in light of new regulations, or would you have to rebuild it, yourself, to prevent it being torn down?

• Would your homeowner policy rebuild your home after an earthquake, a windstorm with water damage, a flood, a sewer backup or a sinkhole collapse, or does it exclude these perils?

• Would your condominium policy pay you enough to buy a new unit after a large building loss if your building could not be rebuilt, or would you need to make sure the building was rebuilt first to collect replacement cost coverage?

If you have questions like these, then, we’d like to welcome you to The Beacon Plan, our unique insurance program for individuals committed to asset preservation.

The Beacon Plan provides liability limits to $100 Million so you avoid bankruptcy from uninsured liability litigation. You’ll never hear about unpaid personal liability claims because most aggrieved claimants cannot successfully litigate against an insurance company and settle in confidence to end costly and time consuming lawsuits. Our Plan virtually guarantees you no out of pocket costs when you are sued in a liability claim.

Our Plan includes the industry’s broadest property coverage, including coastal properties, to preserve the value of your homes, collections, cars and boats from uncovered losses. It is well known that we only partner with established insurance companies that willingly pay covered claims and we bring our valuable broker relationships to your individual Program. Our rates, deductibles and safety credits assure you the most competitive price. The international outreach of our insurance company partners provides liability and property protection anywhere in the world.

Our Plan is designed for individuals determined to preserve their wealth from accidental disasters and law suits. Our Plan is the ideal risk management platform for affluent and high net worth clients.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about The Beacon Plan. We understand that personal property and liability insurance is not a commodity but a “promise to pay forged by a broker,” and the better the broker the better the coverage. At Sullivan Risk Management, we bring nine decades of personal insurance experience, a solid reputation for trust and 90 years of well known commercial insurance creativity to personal insurance. We’re confident that our Plan gives you the insurance protection you expect at the price you have been waiting for.


We look forward to protecting your wealth and welcome your inquiries.


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