Boat Insurance

If you own a boat you should have boat insurance to cover, first, your liability, and, second, the value of your boat. Homeowner boat coverage is limited, with restrictions on horse power, length, etc. It is much smarter to buy boat insurance and get real peace of mind. Boat insurance prevents getting hit with a pollution claim from a fuel discharge or being underinsured if you hit another boat or a pier.   Once again, liability insurance is key and you must have the limit required by your umbrella policy, usually $300,000 to $500,000. Next you need the correct hull and equipment coverage to pay to restore or replace your boat after it sinks, or runs into a rock ledge. You should also get Uninsured Boater coverage to immunize yourself from boaters who do not buy correct insurance and hit your vessel. Other coverages, like medical payments and emergency towing, are good to have. Our skills in this Maritime Arena are superb, and we get great coverages for our boater clients at great pricing.