Commercial Insurance Programs

Any privately held  Commercial Business that believes in  Risk Management, is Profitable, seeks  “insurance”  that Will Benefit the Bottom Line, and establishes a Good Relationship with SRMG  is a candidate for Our Creative Insurance and Risk Management Client Services,  in New England, The East,  many states.  We Provide All Needed Lines of Coverage.  Establishing a Good Relationship with The Company’s  Leadership is Our Key to Doing Business.    

The Range of our  Commercial Industry Experience Includes: 

  • Construction
  • Distribution and Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Services

We always encourage our Clients to Engage in Program  Business.  A Program is the Insurance and Risk Management Services  we design for a group of businesses In One Industry,  where the Business are  interconnected through a Trade Associations or through Personal Relationships between Business Owners and  Executives.    An Industry Program brings HUGE benefits to participating members, and this cost effective way of buying  Better  Insurance is  The Unique Concept We Invented for  The Insurance Industry in 1973, when we invented the  First Trade Association Insurance Program in The United States for the Independent Oil Men’s Association of New England (IOMA), now called The New England Fuel Institute (NEFI.  We promote our  Program Approach to  Every Industry we do business with.