Umbrella Insurance


Without exception, the most important coverage you should buy. And like your Home and Auto Insurance, it must be purchased from the One Broker and from the One Insurance Company. This is absolutely necessary. Your Personal Umbrella saves your life, not just your assets, because it prevents 20 years of paying off legal debts from an underinsured accident, like a slip and fall on a suddenly iced sidewalk by five people leaving your house after your party, and all 5 get massive head injuries. The costs of that accident would be in the millions. Or if you unfortunately skidded on an icy road and massively broad sided a car with 2 grandparents, 2 kids and the mother and father, all of whom get concussions and whiplash injuries, which would generate law suits and judgements against you in the millions.

Personal Umbrella Liability Policies cover auto accidents, boat accidents, homeowner accidents, mountain climbing accidents, skiing accidents, virtually every kind of bodily injury and property damage liability you could be exposed to, and the coverage follows you wherever you go and wherever your household family members go – IF the coverage is put together wisely.

To determine the Umbrella Limits you need, you add up the market values of everything you own, such as your art collection, your antique furniture, your collector cars, your primary house, your secondary house, the rental you own, your investment portfolio, your future income, anticipated estate distributions from relatives — and then you seek great counsel and advice, which we offer.

We are experts at determining the umbrella limits that immunize our clients, and we are experts at using the right insurance companies that provide the needed coverage and Pay Their Claims. Umbrella Liability Insurance is one of Our Key Areas of Expertise in the Personal Insurance World and we anticipate sitting down with our clients and Providing Our Umbrella Advice. .